So a lil about me....I'm married to my high school sweetheart, and now have three sons, Devon, Thalen, Dadrin (Dade)and a little girl, Celestine

I'm also a Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator. I LOVE my work. :-)

Well... lets see what else? I'm Hella shy, til I get to know the person, then I'm chattier than hell. I'm always willing to make new friends, but am a bit particular about which friends I get close too and keep in my life for the long haul.

I think I'm in a hangout mode in my life right now, occasional parties are GREAT, but I like to just kick back, have a nice toasty warm beverage, coffee, tea, hot coco (with marshmallows of course!)and hangout with my friends.

Hi bricks!

2015-07-27 - 12:09 p.m.

Think I'd have better luck & more success being heard with a brick wall than I do with these know kiddos!

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